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October 1, 2015

Article FUnny

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On Fri, Aug 7, 2015 at 6:40 PM, Hobbs, Julie – LMS/STC <> wrote:

Yesterday, The Courier Journal came to do a story about the new resource bus/bookmobile that Bullitt County has created. After they interviewed me, they asked me for my name and official title. Here’s how that conversation played out.

Me: My name is Julie Hobbs and I’m the Library Media Specialist.
Reporter: I thought you were the librarian.
Me: I am, but my title is Library Media Specialist.
Reporter: ………..
Me: That’s what we are called, now.
Reporter: Library slash Media Specialist?
Me: Just Library Media Specialist.
Reporter: Library and Media Specialist?
Me: Just Library Media Specialist. LMS.
Reporter: ……..
Me: I didn’t make that up or anything. That is the official title of my profession.
Reporter: ……
Me: You know. Because the word librarian sometimes conjures up images of little old ladies in glasses who shush everybody? (And I made circles with my fingers and held them up to my eyes). The job has evolved from that.
Reporter: I saw a Librarian action figure online. It came with shushing action.
Me: ……

Needless to say, I am curious to see what this article turns out like!

Melissa R. Gibson
Philippians 4:13


May 1, 2011

Please Share Your Teacher Stories….

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The book teachers need to write.When teachers get together, stories start to roll. Inevitably, at the close of a gathering, one says, “We should write a book!” and another finishes with, “if we only had the time.”

I hope this blog will help me to begin that book. I invite stories from readers to add to my own teaching experiences, my fellow teachers, my family members.

I know if you have been a teacher for very long, you have a story to share. If you would like to share it, begin with your name and the County and State where you taught (and the approximate year) – then tell your story or anecdote. In the book, I’ll use only your first name, if you allow. Or, if you like, leave an email and I will let you know when the book is published.  Click on a REPLY or COMMENT below – if you can’t post, email your story to me at Thanks in advance!

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